LMW3600 service history at Scoraig

10th August 1990 wind turbine  commissioned
17th August 1990 alternator taken down to repair short circuit
19th August 1990 wind turbine  noise problem
19th October 1990 blades replaced due to wear
3rd December 1990 Alternator magnet have come detached
30th Decemebr 1990 control unit blown MOSFET transistor
20th February 1991 blades worn again
tail fatigue cracks repaired
17th October 1991 tail falls off
25th January 1991 Alternator insulation failure
11th March 1992 tower moved to new site away from school
8th May 1992 alternator mountings fatigue failure results in damage to blade tips.
1993 wind turbine extensive modification & monitoring, with student engineers from LMW
30th January 1994 alternator falls off and trashes itself+ blades (shortly after refit by LMW engineers)
March 1994 LMW goes bust
10th January 1995 spare alternator+blades arrive fitted and back in action
20th Jan 1996 Mosfet failed and fixed
1st Decemebr 1996 battery bank replaced
28th May 1997 anothe rMOSFET blown and bypassed