The picture above shows the end of the Scoraig peninsula, as seen from the top of Ben Ghobhlach (our nearest mountain).  See map at bottom of this page.
The box on the left is where we live, shown bigger below.

There are a lot of trees around our house, so it's not nearly as windy as when I first moved into it in 1975.
The next picture is a closer zoom again.
The house has also grown since 1975  - I've added bits every couple of years.

Now you can see our growing array of pv panels, for charging my 12V battery on calm sunny days. There are 525Wp of solar, in seven 75W BP panels..
You can also can see my little windmill (but not the big one - that's where I took this from).
The little windmill is 2.3m diameter Windkit typ.
You can see a picture of my big windmill among my african pics. - because that's where it came from.  Now it's on a 20metres tower near the house.

My wife Jytte is brilliant at growing flowers, so the whole place is covered in flowers.

Here is where Scoraig is on the map.
click on this map to view it from its source..

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