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(SARL means limited company)




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This was my first French language course, and I did not know what to expect, but it went very well.

It was organised by Milo Cuenca of Association CUE.4

The guys at Krug SARL have translated my windmill plans into French, and they are available for sale from their site.

During the week, we built a 3 metre (10')  diameter machine based on an alternator of the same size as our usual 2.4 metre (8 foot) blade diameter machine.  We tested it, and saw about 400 watts output in gentle breezes at the end of the week.  The larger blades required a lower cut in speed, and they work well over the narrow range of rpm that the alternator dictates.

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The workshop took place at Krug SARL in Limoux, a small town in the windy south of France

Olivier Krug helped with translation and with some of the teaching.


Yves Cavanet, Serge Descadeillas, Joël Carrasco, Thomas Plassart, Giorgio Daniele, Frederic Ragaut, Jean Seb Chevassu,
Laurant Jobart, Olivier Krug, Hugh Piggott, Milo Cuenca
Joris Beukeboom, Manu Marin, Guillaume Craig, Jean Christophe Baudin
(staff in red)

Benoît Dusollier missed the photo

Frederick, Jean Seb, Serge, Laurent, and Jay Hudnall on the right.
(staff in red)

Guillaume Craig came from blueEnergy in Nicaragua, where they are building machines to my design for local electrification.

Guillaume and Hugh

Joël in his commemorative T-shirt.  Joël is a firefighter, so he was able to hlep out with out safety organisation.

Thomas Plassart of Roulemafleur showed us how to make small wind turbines from bottles and cans.
Roulmafleur is a non-profit organisation for developing and producing sunflower oil - and other oils - for its members'  Diesel cars or trucks.


In situ food and music in the evenings...
Effectivement des journées très pleines, intenses pour le travail, l'expérience professionnelle et le contact humain.
Merci aux copains du stage, qui resteront, j'y compte, des amis avec lesquels partager peut-être d'autres expériences.
Naturellement merci encore à Hugh pour son grand savoir-faire présenté d'une façon ci-simple, à Milo pour l'organisation et à Olivier, avec toute son équipe, qui a très bien réussi dans cette première aventure!
Le retour à la vie quotidienne n'est pas évident après des moments ci-forts et la vision de cette magnifique éolienne qui danse sur nos têtes...!
Pour s'en ne reste qu'installer la notre !

I want to thank you again for the wonderful week we spent with you. Personnaly, I learnt a lot in the practical aspects and also it made clearer lot of stuffs I studied during my engineering studies.  This week gave me a lot of ideas about the orientation of my career that I want to spent in the renewable energy field.


"That was great fun having you around. See you next year !"

"I am deeply touched by Hugh's personality: in my whole life, and in my professions as an adults'teacher and a psychotherapist, I have seldom met such a gentle, generous and coherent man, not only claiming that he GIVES everything to build your own machine, but he truly GIVES, answering every question, listening to every suggestion (from us naive beginners - while he has gone through all this times and times again!) with true interest, taking the time needed, clear words, and a great generosity. He is so truly coherent that he is constantly seeking the SIMPLE conception, the SIMPLE approach, so everybody can make marvels!!!
His presence, his truly HUMAN quality, have immediatly created a confident and friendly atmosphere, relaxed and seriously learning, all through the week. For all wind turbines lovers in the world, Thank you, Hugh !!!"

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